LWC: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2023 Prophetic Word Through Joyce Aiello

“The word of the Lord this morning is threefold: Revelation, Conviction, and Rebirth! As we look at our world, Revelation is being released concerning sin! I am releasing a Revelation of the sin in the hearts of men. You are seeing the results of that sin and Conviction is going to follow. Great Conviction is going to roam the streets, the narrow paths, the dusty way and it's going to bring men to their knees who have never bowed. Rebirth will result! As we look at the birth of My precious Son, He brought these to the world--that's what the cross was that laid before Him! It was a Revelation of hope--a Revelation of time to come when all would be under the blood.
Where is your ‘secret place of the Most High’? Now is the time to find that secret place and be comfortable there. It is your rescue and your strength. A Rebirth is coming, but before it does you must be hidden in Me. You must get a Revelation of Glory from Me! The world's Revelation is sin--yours is Glory! Pray for you to have the vision of Glory--the strength of the Almighty God--not the strength of man, for it is futile! They will not win! Find that secret place, hang on to Me and have a relationship with Me like you've never had before. I admonish you My children that this is the time to be sober and strong and know that your redemption, your protection, and your place in My plan is coming forth. Be ready for it! Be ready for it!”